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Long story in short:

  • Web based User Experience and User Interface as a developer
  • Web and mobile advertising concepts & ideas, multi channel delivery knowledge as a digital marketer
  • Editorial skills and up-to-date techno-knowledge as a tech and science editor
  • All kind of digital media advertising experience & knowledge as a proactive consumer and new media enthusiast.
  • Avid PUBG player.
  • Specialities:
    • New and rich media
    • Mobile, location-based consumer communication
    • Web advertising and viral advertising concepts
    • Event and youth marketing
    • Motorsports
    • Outdoor sports
    • Automotive and motorcycle mechanics
    • Do-It-Yourself drone and quad-copters.

Personal Stuff

Born and raised in İskenderun/Hatay. Graduated from İstiklal Makzume Anatolian High School in 2001, which was one of the best public schools in the Mediterranean area of Turkey. I guess it’s still one of the best at the time you’re reading this. Moved to İstanbul in 2001 to study Economics at İstanbul University. It took about some 7 years for me to complete the programme since I was trying to do professional stuff at the time I was a student.

I like to explore every brown (colors may vary on foreign soil) direction sign on my way without the help of Google Maps (She call me as a “Taxi Driver”), learn to code, code to learn (especially front-end and user experience stuff), watch Cartoon Network, go out for a walk in the forest, cycle down wherever I can find the opportunity, do mid and long-range motorcycle trips to eat food. I’m a proud motorcycle commuter and a Gemini.

Professional Stuff

Started my professional career by building commercial theme ads for Ekşi Sözlük in 2004, the very first theme I made was for the movie The Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Not so long after, I found myself at Euro RSCG 4D İstanbul (now Havas Worldwide İstanbul) in 2005. Until I took off to project in 2007, I served to the brands like Sütaş, Volvo, Fox TV as a digital solution developer at Euro RSCG 4D.

What I find think “the best move done in the very wrong time” was the (I founded the name!) which was simply an online video on demand television channel. The project was a big success and a bigger failure at the same time, since it was very premature. Until 2008, when I was hired by NTV as a tech and science editor, I served as a TV Host to Kafa Kafaya, Teknosohbet.TV and handcoder CSS/HTML/JS hero to project.

At the time I was at NTV, I was responsible for Tech and Science section of and responsible to provide news for the broadcast schedule for NTV. Then came the job offer from McCann Erickson İstanbul. Between 2009 June to 2010 Apr. I was responsible as lead Front End Developer for various clients like Intel, Asus, Turkish Airlines, Best Buy and Samsung. Then came the job offer from Tribal Worldwide İstanbul.

It was April 2010 when I was hired by Tribal Worldwide İstanbul as an UX/UI developer to serve for Turk Telekom with a very talented team, we refurbished Turk Telekom’s digital broadcast platform Tivibu and a number of websites like and so on. Then came the phone call from Red Bull Turkey in December 2010.

At Red Bull Turkey, I was responsible for planning and executing communication projects for (inter)national Red Bull related content in digital and interactive media platforms within Turkey, developing new communication channels, identifying and following up latest trends, seeking out new opportunities and aplly them to Red Bull’s general and digital communication strategy.

In April 2012, I have chosen to have a break and take my chance on my own start-up project and freelance jobs.  I maintained it until 2016 but then I was hired by Hogarth Worldwide, as a freelance Interactive Development Lead, for leading a team of 6 to localize to Turkish. That lasted for 1.5 years time until the position was converted to a full time position not so suitable for me. Later on, I worked for a small time to lead Turkcell team at Kollektif until I got the offer from Mavi Uçak in May 2018, which I still work for as a Senior Frontend Engineer (React, VanillaJS, HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS) details are on LinkedIn.

You may reach my Portfolio but you’ll need the password first, drop me a line, I’ll share itIf you are curious, you may find me on GitHub and Bitbucket. I don’t have time maintaining my personal code, so don’t blame me if you find my lack of personal projects disturbing.